*: the author does not wish to publish his presentation º: waiting for the permission of the author

  1. ºAhmad Al Bitar – Monitoring and understanding the dynamics of inundations on the Amazonian Basin based on microwave RS data.
  2. Laurent Polidori – Cartographie du relief et connaissance de l’hydrographie : défis et solutions en Amazonie. 2_Polidori.pdf  (3.6 MB)
  3. ºJérémy Guilhen – Assessing the role of Amazonian alluvial wetlands in greenhouse gases emission patterns from denitrification processes using L-band remote sensing earth observations and modeling.
  4. François Mercier – Rain measurements from opportunistic use of TV-satellite signals In Manaus. 4_Mercier.pdf (3.6 MB)
  5. Rômulo Oliveira – Precipitation characteristics of TAPEER 2.0 and other GPM constellation products and link with the typology of rainfall systems over the Amazon Basin. 5_Oliveira.pdf (4.6 MB)
  6. ºFilipe Aires – Satellite observations for terrestrial hydrology: Application over Brazil.
  7. ºFranck Mercier – Exhaustive determination of the water height measurement sites by satellite altimetry on 3 sub-parts of the Ucayali, Madeira and Tapajos basins, as part of the HYDROSIM project.
  8. ºAdrien Paris – Using operational satellite altimetry for real-time monitoring of hydrological variables in tropical basins.
  9. Jean-Michel Martinez – Assessing river sediment discharge from space: a review over the Amazon basin. 9_Martinez.pdf (4.9 MB)
  10. William Santini – Sediment dynamics in the Ucayali basin, assessed by integrating field network, semi-distributed modelling and remote sensing. 10_Santini.pdf (3.7 MB)
  11. Santiago Pena-Luque – SWOT AVAL inland water resources monitoring from space: the SWOT downstream program. 11_Pena-Luque.pdf (3.4 MB)