Last hydrologic conditions reports


Three countries in the Amazon basin regularly publish a report about the hydrological conditions of the Amazon rivers in their territory:


4th International Conference of the Great Rivers of Africa

The 4th Friend Water Conference on the hydrology of the great rivers of Africa will take place in Cotonou (physically) and (visioconference) for those who will have travel constraints due to covid19 , from November 13 to 15, 2021 (for training) and from November 16 to 20, 2021 (for the conference). The peer review process for papers is still ongoing. The process of reviewing papers with reviewers is ongoing. However, all those who have submitted an abstract will present an oral presentation. Registration is still open and the date of the preferential rate has been extended to September 30, 2021. (To be continued…)

Tentative program.


Congo River 2020 is the first international conference on the Congo River
that will be held in the basin’s member state, and provides an opportunity
of experience sharing on the methods used, data and information
generated from the implementation of research initiatives to a wider
audience of stakeholders involved in research, policy decision making,
management, and capacity development as well as investment in the
Congo Basin.
The conference will also target learning and sharing experience from other
large rivers of Africa and the world.(to be continued…)

After a long sleep, the Ubangi River wakes up in the Congo Basin

Oubangui River, the second largest tributary of the Congo River, has recently experienced a devastating flood that has led to several tens of thousands of displaced people in a country already heavily affected by the conflicts that are taking place there. This exceptional flood was measured by hydrologists who met in Bangui, Central African Republic (CAR) for a conference on “Water Quality and Uses in Central and East Africa: Impacts on Ecosystems and Health” (to be continued…).


Dynamique du carbone dans le Bassin Amazonien

L’un des paramètres fondamentaux qui conditionne la compréhension du cycle du carbone dans le bassin amazonien est l’âge de ce carbone transporté par les fleuves, puis dégazé vers l’atmosphère ou piégé dans les lacs. En effet, cet âge renseigne sur la vitesse à laquelle transite le carbone depuis son captage dans l’atmosphère par les plantes, puis son transfert dans les sols et le milieu aquatique et enfin les sédiments lacustres ou à nouveau l’atmosphère.

Ce projet aborde pour la première fois la relation complexe entre érosion-transport-dégazage-sédimentation du carbone dans l’Amazonie en utilisant simultanément deux types d’isotopes du carbone (13C et 14C), dans différents compartiments (eaux, sols, végétations, sédiments) pour essayer de comprendre la dynamique du carbone en chaque compartiment. La zone d’étude où nous développons notre recherche est l’Amazonie Péruvienne, dans un continuum depuis les Andes jusqu’à la plaine. Avec un intérêt plus ciblé sur les « zones sources » de carbone (les Andes (carbone fossile), la zone du piedmont andin et la région de la confluence des fleuves Marañón et Ucayali où les lacs sont nombreux.

Photo de la Reserve National Pacaya Samiria, Pérou

A new tool for suspended load monitoring in large basin

An index concentration method for suspended load monitoring in large rivers of the Amazonian foreland

A simple model is proposed to improve the sediment concentration monitoring in the large rivers of the Peruvian Amazon from an index concentration sampled in the flow. This powerful tool for optimizing the concentration sampling would allow for detailed uncertainty analysis on the sediment fluxes. It could be coupled with remote sensing and hydrological modeling to serve as a step toward the development of an integrated approach for assessing sediment fluxes in poorly monitored basins.





Last SO-HyBAm scientific meeting

The VIIIth SO-HYBAM scientific meeting was held in Toulouse (France) from 2 to 6 September 2019.

The list of oral presentations, sorted by thematic sessions, and part of the presentation materials are available online.

Orinoco River flooding in 2018

Note on the Orinoco River flooding in 2018.

VIIth Scientific Meeting of the SO HYBAM

Group photo

The VIIth Scientific Meeting of the SO HYBAM held in Niterói (Brazil) from 6 to 10 november 2017. The list of oral presentations, sorted by thematic sessions, and most of the presentation materials are available online (Menu Meetings).

Note on the flood of the Amazon in Peru in 2015.

Crues 2015 en Amazonie : Les hydrologues du Service d’Observation HYBAM* en état d’alerte.