HYBAM: HYdro-geochemistry of the AMazonian Basin

The HYBAM Observatory is a very unique structure, operational since 2003 and focused on monitoring rivers and water resources in the Amazon. HYBAM is a research support service that carries out long-term hydrological, sedimentary and geochemical measurements to understand the origin and evolution of waters and transported materials (sediments, organic matter, nutrients, etc.) in Amazonian rivers from the Andes Cordillera to the Atlantic Ocean. HYBAM associates partners from all the countries of the basin and completes this network with four additional stations on rivers that also drain into the tropical Atlantic Ocean: the Orinoco, Congo, Maroni and Oyapock Rivers.

HYBAM consists of 17 stations where hydrological, sedimentary and geochemical data are collected with national partners over the long term. In addition to field measurements, spatial observations in hydrology and sedimentology are also available. The data produced by the network are made available free of charge on this website to support the development of studies and research on the evolution of water resources in the Amazon. The time series produced according to international standards by HYBAM have already made it possible to carry out hundreds of multidisciplinary and original studies on topics as varied as hydrology, biodiversity, oceanography, climatology, water quality and geomorphology.