*: the author does not wish to publish his presentation º: waiting for the permission of the author

  1. Jorge Molina – Hydropower projects in the Bolivian Amazon: an update.  1_Molina.pdf (3 MB)
  2. *Rogério Marinho – Monitoring of suspended sediments in the Negro River (Amazon Basin) with remote sensing.
  3. ºPhilippe Vauchel – Nouveau bilan des flux sédimentaire des sous-bassins de l’Amazone en Équateur.
  4. *Sébastien Carretier – Lessons from synthesis of erosion rates in Chile.
  5. ºSergio Morera – Estimating erosion rates and identifying main sediment sources in the north-western of the upper Amazon basin.
  6. William Santini – An index concentration method for suspended load monitoring in large rivers of the Amazon foreland. 6_Santini.pdf (3.3 MB)
  7. ºCarlo Gualtieri – Preliminary observations of hydrodynamics and bed morphology in the lower reach of Solimões/Amazon River.