*: the author does not wish to publish his presentation º: waiting for the permission of the author

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  2. Walter Lavado – Building hydroclimatologicaldata in Peru to support public policies. 2_Lavado.pdf (5.6 MB)
  3. Jorge Molina – Precipitation variability in the Upper Beni River basin. 3_Molina.pdf  (7.2 MB)
  4. Cristian Montesinos Cáceres – Evaluation of the impacts of climate change on the hydrological regime in an Andean Amazonian Peruvian basin. 4_Caceres.pdf (3.2 MB)
  5. ºKevin Arnold Traverso Yucra – Multi-objective calibration of the hydrological model SWAT, applied in the Mantaro basin in Peru.
  6. José Luis Lopez – The extraordinary flood of the Orinoco River in 2018. 6_Lopez.pdf (6.8 MB)
  7. ºGuy Moukandi – A new look at hydrology of the Congo basin from the study of multidecadal time-series of discharges.
  8. Fiorela Vega – Spatio-temporal variability of droughts in Peru and associated risks related to ENSO.  8_Vega.pdf  (2.4 MB)